Total Fisherman Guide Service specializes in Oregon bottom fishing charters on the Oregon Coast, leaving from Astoria, Oregon or across the river in Ilwaco, Washington.

Bottom fishing charters are fun and productive.  Also known as "deep sea charters or deep sea fishing", they provide a high catch rate for a variety of species, and limits of bottom fish are typical and common on these charters.

Oregon bottom fishing charters provide a fun way to catch allot of great eating fish!  One of the things that makes these fishing charters so much fun is that you never know what you’re going to reel up!

We specialize in small groups. We only take six anglers, this isn’t a “party boat” type of charter with 16-24 anglers. We prefer being able to pay extra attention to each angler and customize the trip to do whatever your group prefers.

Oregon Bottom Fishing Charters

Our 36' 7" high speed charter boat the Liberty Gun!

We fish out of one of the fastest charter boats on the Oregon Coast.  The Liberty Gun cruises at 40 mph and has a very comfortable ride.  Unlike other charters it doesn’t take us hours to get to the best locations.  We want to spend the day bottom fishing, not traveling.  Triple 300 horse power Yamaha engines get us to the best bottom fishing locations in a hurry!

Bottom Fishing Charters Oregon

This is a full walk around charter boat with lot’s of room to spread out.  We’re not all crammed into the back deck of the boat, this makes the bottom fishing trip more fun and productive. 

Total Fisherman Guide Service bottom fishing charters utilizes the best tackle and equipment available. 

There is nothing second rate about these trips.  No expense has been spared for your trip, we use name brands such as Shimano, Lamiglas, Rapala and Berkely.  High end electronics from Simrad make it easy to see the fish and catch them!  We take great pride in offering the best fishing trips possible; in depth knowledge of the fishery and the best equipment are a must to make a great trip happen.

Oregon Deep Sea Charters

We employ light tackle when fishing for the rockfish.  Jigging or casting lures, is our preferred method when bottom fishing.  Our anglers enjoy the action and hands on fishing of this technique.

Types of Bottom Fish We Catch

Black Sea Bass, Blue Sea Bass, China Rockfish, Quillback, Kelp Greenling, Ling Cod, Canary Rockfish, Copper Rockfish, Yellow Tail Rockfish and Cabezon.

In addition to catching a variety of normal bottom fish, we occasionally catch Halibut, Wolf Eels, skates, sharks and even octopus!

Black Sea Bass Fishing
Black Sea Bass
Tiger Rockfish
Tiger Rockfish
Blue Sea Bass
Blue Sea Bass
Yellowtail Rockfish
Yellowtail Rockfish
China Rockfish
China Rockfish
Bocaccio Rockfish
Bocaccio Rockfish
Canary Rockfish
Canary Rockfish
Kelp Greenling (Sea Trout)
Kelp Greenling (Sea Trout)
Copper Rockfish
Copper Rockfish
Quillback Rockfish
Quillback Rockfish
Fishing for Cabezon

Oregon Bottom Fishing Season Starts in May and goes through October!

What is the limit?

The limit on bottom fish in Oregon is seven fish total (sometimes more):

5 Rockfish/Sea Bass etc.

2 Ling Cod

Lingcod Fishing Trips in Oregon
Ling Cod!
Bottom Fishing in Oregon
Bocaccio Rockfish!
Astoria Oregon Bottom Fishing Charters
Black Sea Bass Fishing!

All of your fish will be filleted and vacuum packaged as part of your trip.  No additional charge for this service. (Oregon trips only.)

What you need to bring:

 - Cooler to take your filleted fish home in.

- Day or annual fishing license.

- Lunch/Beverages (Alcohol is fine).

- Warm clothes.

- Sun glasses

- Hat.

- Full raingear (we have some you can borrow if you don’t have any.) Oregon trips only.

These are great trips that never fail to please. Give us a call today with any questions you might have, 503-501-2424.

We're looking forward to fishing with you! 

Bottom Fish
Best Bottom Fishing
Oregon Deep Sea Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions:


What kind of license do I need?

An Oregon day license or annual license, or a Washington Day license or annual saltwater license.  We leave from Oregon but a fishing license from Oregon or Washington is allowed.

I know it's fishing ... but what are our chances of catching fish?

Limits of bottom fish are typical on these trips.  There are occasional times when we don't get all of our Lingcod, but we've never had a trip where people didn't catch fish to bring home.  We always get all of our rockfish. Oregon bottom fishing is very good.

Should I worry about getting sea sick?

If you don't know if you're prone to sea sickness, it's best to not find out the hard way.  We are fishing on the ocean and even on calm days the boat does move up and down.  We recommend taking Dramamine or Bonine the night before your trip and the morning of as well.  Even better is the Scopolamine Patch which you can get from your doctor.

Do you fillet our catch?

Absolutely.  Filleting of your fish is included with your trip. Vacuum packaging is an option as well.