Fishing and catching North America's largest freshwater fish, the White Sturgeon is what we do! We're oversize sturgeon fishing guides and we specialize in catching huge sturgeon!

Fishing for big Sturgeon

How big is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

What is your personal best?

Was it measured in feet?

Did it jump multiple times out of the water?

Did you have to chase it with the boat because it was going to take all the line off of the reel?

For about six weeks a year, we catch fish like this on a daily basis. This isn’t a fishing story, it’s the Columbia River’s trophy catch and release sturgeon season in June and July.

Early to mid-summer is when the really big fish are around, and putting our customers on these monsters is what we do. Seeing someone catch their personal best is an everyday occurrence on our boats.


Trophy Sturgeon Fishing

Our small fish aren’t even that small, they average around 4 feet in length. The average size of the sturgeon in the waters that we fish? A little over 5 1/2 feet in length!

Fishing for trophy sturgeon

It’s all about the numbers we know! Our oversize sturgeon fishery definitely fills the bill for bragging rights. This is a high volume fishery where we catch allot of fish. A typical day sees 25 to 50 fish landed for the boat with some trips exceeding this number. You’re going to be tired at the end of the day. Catching fish like this is a workout!

Columbia River Oversize Sturgeon Fishing

Big sturgeon are willing biters, aggressive fighters, and they will make you earn every inch of line that you take back from them.
This is our most productive inshore fishery. It’s great for kids, new anglers and experienced fishermen alike.

Oversize Sturgeon fishing guides

Calm waters, good weather and fighting fish all day makes for an excellent trip, and memories that last a lifetime!