Willamette Closes to Sturgeon Retention starting Nov 9

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For Immediate Release                                                                              November 8, 2010

Recreational white sturgeon fishery closes on Willamette River
SALEM, Ore. – Oregon fishery managers announced today the closure of recreational sturgeon fishing on the Willamette River downstream from the Willamette Falls, including Multnomah Channel and the Gilbert River. This closure is effective Nov. 9.
According to fishery managers, the closure is needed to remain near the guideline of 3,600 fish set earlier this year. 
“For 2010, white sturgeon harvest guidelines were reduced 40 percent because of declining trends in numbers of fish,” said John North, fisheries manager for ODFW’s Ocean Salmon and Columbia River Program.
“Anglers kept over 3,000 fish, or 84 percent of the annual guideline between January and March.  When the fishery reopened last week, effort and catch rates were high, resulting in the balance of the quota being used. That is why we are taking this action.”
Catch-and-release angling is allowed after the retention season closes.  The fishery is scheduled to reopen to retention on January 1, 2011.
In addition, the area from the Wauna Powerlines to Bonneville Dam is currently open to sturgeon retention three days per week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  This fishery should continue through Nov. 20, and potentially through the remainder of the year.  The States will continue to monitor this fishery and recommend action if needed.
More information on the sturgeon angling rules may be found on the ODFW website at: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/fishing/index.asp