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There’s an old saying that goes like this, “The guy that works the hardest gets the most stuff!” Fishing is no different! The harder you work, the more time you spend on the water, then the more knowledge you’re going to gain; and you’re going to put more fish in the box because of it!

The number one secret to catching more fish is this … work harder.

When I talk about working harder at fishing, it’s not always intuitive what this means, but let me give you some ideas.

Get to the dock earlier.

Leave the dock later.

Work your rod like a maniac, keeping it in the zone and fishing effectively. Make fishing the primary priority and relaxing secondary.

Keep your bait fresh by changing it way more often than you think you should.

Talk to other fishermen.

Fish more days out of the year.

Fish with new people.

Fish with fishing guides.

Study the charts.

Know the tide table.

Try new things, be willing to change.

Try old things again, be willing to change but don’t forget the things that have worked before.

Take note of changing patterns from year to year and from day to day.

Stay focused and driven, but remember it’s supposed to be fun.

Working harder gets increased results. Some folks like to talk about working smarter as well. Some folks have the ability to work smarter and some don’t. I have known a lot of folks over the years that are lacking in the smarts department but still hands down out produce the geniuses because they are just willing to put in more effort day in and day out.

Working hard isn’t always fun and working hard is almost never easy, but if you want to catch more fish and have more success then there is definitely a way to make it happen. Start today, make it a habit and a lifestyle, and the next thing you know it’s no longer work it’s just the way you are.

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The author, Kevin Newell, is a professional fishing guide in Oregon and Washington!

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