What is the best time of year for sturgeon fishing?

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This article addresses the question of  When is the best time of year for sturgeon fishing here on the Columbia River and Willamette Rivers?

Best time of year for sturgeon fishing?
Best time of year for sturgeon fishing?

White Sturgeon can be caught year around on both of these rivers but there are definitely certain periods of the year that are better than others.
The Willamette fishes extremely well from late fall to early spring so this would generally be the November to April time frame.  Keep in mind however that the season for retaining fish on this river is typically only a short window during January through March and ends when the quota of fish has been caught.  The rest of the year is catch and release only.
The best time to fish the Columbia season hands down is during late may through late July on the lower Columbia out of Astoria, Oregon in the Columbia River Estuary.  July is a little better than June and it provides the best fishing, but the majority of this month is catch and release opportunity only and it is truly incredible!
Every year is different but lately it seems that all of the other sturgeon fishing opportunity is marginal compared to what the above two seasons can provide.